VD Steam Solenoid Valve

VD Valve brass 2/2-way steam solenoid valve is a type of valve used in steam systems to control the flow of steam. The valve is made of brass, a corrosion-resistant alloy that is well-suited for use in steam systems.

The "2/2-way" designation refers to the number of ports and the number of positions the valve can be in. Specifically, a 2/2-way valve has two ports, an inlet port and an outlet port, and two positions: open and closed. When the valve is in the open position, steam can flow through the valve from the inlet port to the outlet port. When the valve is closed, steam flow is blocked.

The valve is operated by an electromagnetic coil, known as a solenoid. When an electrical current is applied to the solenoid, it generates a magnetic field that pulls a plunger or piston inside the valve, allowing steam to flow through the valve. When the current is turned off, the magnetic field disappears, and a spring returns the plunger or piston to its original position, closing the valve and stopping the flow of steam.

Our valve's body is made from forged brass material and PTFE seat which can stand up to 180C. Operating pressure from 0.3 to 16 bar.

Overall, a brass 2/2-way steam solenoid valve is a reliable and effective way to control the flow of steam in a variety of industrial applications.

15 Mar 2023