VEELOK SS316 Block & Bleed Valve 6000psi 1/2" - Precision Control for High-Pressure Systems


VEELOK SS316 Block & Bleed Valve 6000psi 1/2" - Precision Control for High-Pressure Systems


Introducing the VEELOK SS316 Block & Bleed Valve, a high-performance solution designed for precise control in high-pressure environments. Crafted from premium Stainless Steel 316, this valve offers exceptional durability and reliability, making it an ideal choice for critical industrial applications.


  • Oil and Gas Industry: From upstream drilling operations to downstream processing, the VEELOK SS316 Block & Bleed Valve is tailored to the demanding requirements of the oil and gas sector, ensuring precise control over fluid flow.

  • Chemical Processing: With its corrosion-resistant SS316 construction, this valve is an excellent choice for chemical processing plants, providing reliable performance even in aggressive chemical environments.

  • High-Pressure Industrial Systems: Whether in manufacturing or industrial automation, the VEELOK SS316 Block & Bleed Valve delivers precise control over fluid flow, contributing to efficient system operation.


  • Material: Stainless Steel 316
  • Pressure Rating: 6000psi
  • Size: 1/2"

Elevate your industrial control capabilities with the VEELOK SS316 Block & Bleed Valve. Backed by advanced engineering and quality craftsmanship, this valve stands as a testament to VEELOK's commitment to precision and excellence.

  1. Isolation (Block): The block valve is used to isolate or block the flow of fluid or gas. It serves as a shut-off valve that can stop the flow completely. This is essential for maintenance, repair, or in case of emergencies.

  2. Pressure Relief (Bleed): The bleed valve provides a means to safely release or bleed off pressure between the block valve and downstream equipment. This ensures that any residual pressure is relieved before maintenance work is performed, reducing the risk of accidents or damage to equipment.

  3. Calibration and Testing: In industries where precise control and measurement are critical, block and bleed valves allow for calibration and testing of instruments, pressure gauges, and other equipment.

  4. Fluid Sampling: Block and bleed valves can be used for taking fluid samples from a pipeline without interrupting the operation of the system.

  5. Maintaining System Integrity: By allowing isolation, maintenance, and testing without shutting down the entire system, block and bleed valves help maintain the overall integrity and efficiency of the fluid or gas distribution system.

  6. Emergency Situations: In the event of a leak or a malfunction, block and bleed valves provide a means to quickly shut down a section of the system, preventing further damage or hazards.

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